Monday, January 19, 2009

Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture (Day Eight, Paragraph 7)

The anticipation. The hues found in nature only in the 1970s. Even the big white frame. A blog I read regularly recently featured a link to Poladroid, a down-loadable application that turns digital pictures into hi-res pics that look like Polaroids (you can even shake the pictures while they are "developing" - how cool is that?). Polaroids were magic in a way that digital cameras never will be. The waiting and watching to see what the photo looked like - with no thought of a do-over because either the moment had been captured or something else had. This was instant gratification in a tangible way. Granted, a digital picture has its own magic: the ability to be manipulated and edited, the instant view in the monitor, the choice to delete right away. But really, it isn't the same.

Photo credit: themissiah on Flickr

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