Thursday, January 22, 2009

Letting It All Hang Out (Day Eleven, Paragraph 12)

A woman I know only through a wonderful (private) online group posted a very interesting observation on her (not private) blog about how we live our lives out here on the internet . . . or more accurately, how it may be necessary to exercise discretion in our writing if the lines between "real" life and life online become blurred. She observed that she feels stifled after posting with restraint even though she seeks emotional outlet and refuge in the blogging process. Others, however, seem to post with abandon regardless of the impact on people in their lives. We seem to live in an age of more than just a "ME" generation. The freedom of the internet, on-line publishing, self-publication, self-publicizing has spawned something of a "FUCK YOU IF YOU CAN'T HANDLE ME" generation. There are things, though, that should remain in shadow. Life needs mystery. People need friends. Friends sometimes need their feelings spared at the expense of one's own. Knowing what to bring into the light and what to leave behind is brave and refreshing. I applaud my friend.
Photo credit: *clairity* on Flickr

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