Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Choosing a Subject - Option 3 (Day Seventeen, Paragraph 19)

I could write about my kid. I don't want to be a "mommy" blogger though. I think my kid is pretty amazing but I am also grounded enough to know that many of the incredible things he does are tasks accomplished by thousands and thousands of kids everyday. I think I am a pretty good parent but I don't think my experiences (or lack of experience) make me an expert in parenting. Also, I do not want to post photos of the Boy on this blog. I have another blog just for the Boy. It is password protected. Only friends and family are invited (sorry). This brings me back to what started this exercise in searching for a subject - what should be public and what should be private. In my world view, the Boy is private unless there is a way to tell a particular story without specifically identifying who he is. So I guess this isn't really a viable option.

Photo Credit: *clairity* on Flickr

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