Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gabba Hats!

Here's looking at you . . . 

I'm sure my readership (hardee, har, har, har) has been waiting for this post with bated breath . . . ere are some photos of the hats I made for the family to go to Yo Gabba Gabba Live! back in August of 2010.

Inside the creative process.

 Plex with fabric paint on felt for eyes.  This ended up looking awful so I re-did them in all felt and it looked AWESOME! (you have to say that in DJ Lance's voice, of course).  This was a $0.39 cent bucket hat from the craft store, black & white felt, black pipe cleaners (or chenille craft wire or whatever PC nonsense pipe cleaners are called now - I remember the old white prickly ones my dad had to clean his - wait for it - pipe!  Ah - I digress), and red craft foam.  I did have to reinforce the top of the hat with additional craft foam because it was difficult to get the antenna to stand up without otherwise causing the top of the hat to collapse.  Also, inside the bucket hat is a yellow craft foam visor (like the Foofa, below) so that the hat would fit on my 3 year-old's head and not fall in his eyes.  This hat was a big hit with the Boy and he couldn't wait to show the real Plex at the after-party!

Muno, for the Man, pre-iris.  I figured I could convince him to wear a baseball hat (craft store: $2.99) - and he did!  I traced around a glass onto the red cap and then painted two or three coats of white fabric paint.  I used a quarter to trace a circle for the iris and filled it in with a black permanent marker.  At the post-show VIP party, DJ Lance told the Man that his hat was AWESOME!

Brobee.  Cheap green bucket hat.  Black pipe cleaners.  Red craft foam.  Black marker.  Hot glue gun.  This was my least favorite of the four - poor Brobee looked alot like Oscar the Grouch with Wile E.Coyote type bumps on his head.  I would have liked to have done a happy mouth on the brim in the down position and a frown-y mouth for a flipped up brim but time was not on my side.

Nurse Foofa.  This ended up being my favorite.  White and pink craft foam visors.  Black craft foam.  White self-adhesive craft foam.  Yellow craft foam.  Figuring out how to form the flower so it looked like Foofa without covering the pink visor was the toughest part.  The eyelashes were a bit tedious to glue on as well.  I think I did a good job.  More than one person asked to buy this off my 8 month-old's head.

Brobee and Muno completed (and my messy kitchen in the background).

Plex and Foofa complete.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Greetings and Ribbit

I don't have much to say.  I haven't been to into blogging lately.  I have been very into knitting , thinking about knitting, and looking at knitting related things on ravelry!

I am overwhelming myself with knitting projects and ideas (as usual) and my brain is so swimming with thoughts and ideas that I have been making tons of mistakes - from gauge being waaay off on multiple projects, to just plain old sloppiness and missing stitches, etc. on very simple patterns.

Must focus.  FOCUS.

Hey - right here - look here - FOCUS.


Oh - and happy new year!

Photo credit: Blog*Bittersweet*Blog