Monday, January 26, 2009

Into the Light (Day 15, Paragraphs 14 & 15)

It is amazing what people post on Flickr. Family pictures. Contents of bags. Self-portraits. Pages and pages of personal writing. Artfully arranged still lives of pens, journals, spoons - you name it. Not so artfully arranged still lives of pens, journals, spoons - you name it. Don't get me wrong - I am grateful that people post beautiful photos I can use on this blog. But the kind of laying-it-all-out-there on the web is, I suppose, related to some of the things discomfort I've commented on in earlier posts here. I try very had to keep my personal life off the internet yet I know that many people find it freeing to come and write or post photos of every intimate detail of their lives. Where is the balance?

All of this doubt that I have been having about what to publish on this blog makes me wonder if I have chosen wisely. Perhaps I should have gotten a little notebook and a nice pen. Or maybe just started keeping a journal in Google Docs. Maybe I should become more focused and make this blog *about* something so that I can focus my attentions on that *thing* instead of focusing on what to write about. I never thought this would be quite as much of a struggle as it feels on many of the days I sit and stare at the monitor. This makes me respect writers that much more. Especially writers who pull topics out of thin air and spin them into woolly stories readers want to wrap themselves in. I suppose that is what I will begin to do now - decide what this blog should be about. I am not enjoying this blog as it is now. Granted it has been only two weeks, but still - I can tell I need to rethink this place of mine. I need to put more out there without feeling too exposed. I need more focus. A better place to start from.
Photo credit: RBerteig on Flickr

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