Wednesday, January 14, 2009

January 14, 2009 (Day Three, Paragraph 5)

I hope it isn't too late. I still haven't mailed out the New Years cards. Or the thank you notes from the Boy's first birthday party which was more than one month ago. I have always been a procrastinator: writing papers in the wee hours of the morning they are due since grade school, filling in pledge forms and writing checks at the registration desk on race day, waiting so long to put away the clean laundry that there is no clean laundry left to put away. Since the baby, though, I have really taken it to new heights: paying monthly bills quarterly (I hope I don't have to apply for credit anytime soon . . .), spending more time on the web than working, putting off cleaning out the garage so I have to push the stroller over mountains of bags "to be gone through." More time needs to be done doing than thinking about doing or reading articles about how-to-do. But how does one change one's nature? I hope it isn't too late.
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