Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Choosing a Subject - Option 2 (Day Sixteen, Paragraph 18)

On Blogger - the blogging program I use to write this blog - there is a feature on the tool bar called "Next Blog" that brings the reader to what I assume is the next blog in a queue of some kind. Every so often I am bored (read: trying to look busy at the office while I avoid doing work) so I will click "Next Blog" to see what comes up. Never has the same blog appeared twice. Never has the blog been totally devoid of some interesting content even if that content is not in my native English; sometimes most of the fun of looking at the blog is trying to figure out what the language it is written in. My thought on this is that I could click "Next Blog" and then write a paragraph about the random blog that comes up. It could be a critique. It could be a story I make up based on what I may be able to understand. It could be an anecdote from my own experiences that is remembered as a result of the blog contents. And so on.
I am impressed that I have thought of two potential concepts. Maybe I will have even more to choose from if my brain keeps clicking in the next day or two. I think I need to have made my choice by the end of the week.
Photo credit: MARIANO ORTUĂ‘O on Flickr

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