Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Choosing a Subject - Option One (Day 16, Paragraphs 16 & 17)

So I've been thinking about what I can do to open myself up a bit more on this blog while not feeling like I am compromising my personal information out on the big old world wide web and without feeling so self-conscious about writing so much about writing. I'm working on cleaning out all the junk from my life right now and that project may be worth writing about. Note that while I would love to be able to boldly state that by junk I mean all the junk in every sense of the phrase, I mean cleaning up the clutter and getting rid of excess in my material possessions - mostly to help make keeping house easier.
Regardless of where exactly in my life the broom of my clean sweep will reach, cleaning house may not a very interesting topic to write about everyday. I do, however, subscribe to Unclutter so maybe it has more value than I give it credit for. And, hey, I do watch Clean House marathons on TV (mostly so I feel better about myself - I could never be as messy as those people!).

So the "method" I've been using to clean up is the Rule of Five - which I probably learned from an organization show or article. The way I understand this Rule is that it is best employed when you feel overwhelmed by a cleaning task. Instead of forcing yourself to do the whole thing at once - or not doing it at all as is often the case when something is overwhelming - just decide what to do with five things. So if you are cleaning out a drawer that is a mess, pull five items from the drawer and decide if they should be kept, donated, or thrown away. Decide where the thing(s) you are keeping should go - back in the drawer or somewhere else. Stop there for the day. The next day, choose five different things, and so on.
So this is option one - writing about (and maybe posting daily photos? that is pretty ambitious for me) of the five things I sort each day. The new subtitle could be "Five Things, One Paragraph" or something unclever like that. Also, I think this idea fits well with the name of the blog. I may be on to something here if there is actually writing material to be pulled from this project. There is bound to be a good story somewhere in my old junk, right?
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