Monday, February 2, 2009

Chosing a Subject - The Choice (Day Twenty Two, Paragraph 22)

As I expected there were zero (0) votes in the poll so I get to arbitrarily choose my subject for the blog. To recap (for "all" you readers out there) the three choices were (1) the "5 things" decluttering project where I would write about the five objects in my house I considered as I work on getting rid of clutter in my house (with photos); (2) writing about the "Next Blog" on; and (3) using the first photo in Flickr's Creative Commons Attribution required section as inspiration for my daily paragraph. I have chosen number three. That gets me out of having to clean my house. I did a little "field work" on the "Next Blog" idea and was not very inspired. Writing about a photo will be interesting: I can critique the photo; I can write some kind of fictional account about the circumstances surrounding the images in the photo; I can write about a memory, dream, or wish inspired by the photo. I think it is a solid choice with broad enough range to prevent stagnation.

Photo credit: satguru on Flickr


Anonymous said...

Hey, I tried to vote but you'd already closed the poll!

FWIW, I was going to vote for (3).

David said...

Bloody good photo isn't it ;-)