Friday, February 6, 2009

HOT Dog! (Day Twentysix, Paragraph 29)

This picture is awesome. First the subject matter is great - two of my favorite things: hot dogs and 30 Rock. Then - a costume party! Costume parties are a great excuse to wander about and be silly and these guys seem to be doing a bang-up job of that. Do you think these guys even know each other? Where in the party timeline was this photo snapped: (1) eh, we just got here - where is the keg? (2) whoooooooooo! time for keg stands! who remembers where the keg is? (3) I'm gritting my teeth to keep the puke at bay. Hair of the dog - where is the keg? Next the red-eye is reminiscent of my prowess with the camera. And last but not least - the color composition on this shot is amazing. Look at how the red-eye picks up the red highlights in the crazy streamers in the background, the shirt, the hat, and the big wiener. The yellow offers nice bright spots that draw your eye through the photo.

Photo credit: Circa71 on Flickr

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