Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snow Day (Day Twentythree, Paragraph 23 & 24)

Snow was so much magic when I was a kid. I remember the way the light filtered through my shades on snow days - there was a glow to the light on those mornings that I snuggled into bed with my mom to listen to the school closings on the radio. And then! Oh then! The snow pants, winter jacket, hat, gloves, scarf and out, out, out the door. But wait! Don't mess up the snow in the back yard - let's leave that pristine so we can look watch it glisten later in the moon light. Snow angels, snow balls, where is the hat for the snow man? Ewwwww - why is the snow yellow???

Now snow mostly means two things: dodging drivers who drive like it isn't snowing and wishing for a snow day. Fortunately for the practical me (who does a fair amount of driving on my daily commute), there isn't much snow where I live now. I do, however, miss the joy of the snow day. Sure, schools close for snow days now and again but a "snow" day is called if there is an inch of snow predicted. More often though fog (yes, really) is the cause of school delays. Somehow "fog day" just doesn't have the same ring to it. What does a child do for fun on a fog day? Play Marco-Polo?

Photo credit: Haxxah and KraZug on Flickr

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