Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Orange You Glad (Day Thirtyone, Paragraph 31)

My mother-in-law sent us a case of oranges and grapefruits from Florida - after we told her not to spend the money and besides, we don't even eat grapefruit. So they arrived Monday. I've been trying to figure out what to do with a case of citrus fruit but haven't had much luck in coming up with ideas other than eat it or anthropomorphize it or play with it or maybe learn to juggle. Citrus is tough. Apples, pears, berries - even bananas - are easy to imagineer into tarts, pies, breads, muffins without much effort. It is difficult to use citrus in baked good beyond the zest. Zesting, though, only solves part of my problem because then the protective skin is scraped away leaving an even more fragile and exposed fruity flesh that I can't even juggle with. Maybe my thinking is too narrow - I should do a quick search for for recipes with orange. OK, I'm back - Sunkist has a whole section of its website dedicated to citrus containing recipes. See now why didn't Cinnamon Nachos with Yogurt Cheese and Ginger-Citrus Salsa pop right into my head when I was brain storming? or the Dilly Orange Scramble? I guess I will just eat the dang things. At least I won't get scurvy and maybe I will finally learn how to juggle.
Photo credit: on Flickr psd

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