Monday, March 22, 2010

Fish Face

Fish. Okay. I guess, though, it doesn't really matter what the picture is since I need to explain my months-long absence (I love that I write here as if people are actually reading). I guess I was kind of busy at work. And if I wasn't really truly busy, I was trying to seem busy. And I have been pretty miserable at work for quite some time so I think I was feeling that the tone of the blog was a little too bitter for any one's good. There has been some sweet - I was lucky enough to have a gorgeous baby girl in December. The Boy has adapted quite well to his sibling, although he is exhibiting the signs of toddlerhood/terrible two-ness on a regular basis; nothing especially unusual, but probably somewhat exacerbated by having a 3 month old sister getting all up in his world. Anyway, things are feeling a bit more normal these days, so I hope to be writing more again. Still going to use the same formula as before so I (we, dear reader?) will see where Flickr takes us!

Photo credit: b.roveran

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