Wednesday, March 24, 2010


The title of this photo is "Barnies Lieblingsplätzchen" - Barnie(s) presumably being the cat. I never studied German yet I was intrigued by this German (I assumed) word. It means "favorite place" or "favorite spot." I love the way it sounds (at least in my head). It makes me think of the way I imagine the sounds of: the end of the evening collapse on the couch OR finally getting to pick up the knitting during the kids' nap time on the weekend OR finally falling into your beach chair after getting every one settled, umbrellas up, blankets out leave me alone go play by the water OR settling into your seat at the movies with Milk Duds and popcorn after months of DVD-only viewing (hello, old friend - I've missed you so). "LiblingSPLATZCHeeehhhhhhn." What a lovely feeling. None of my little spots are quite like Barnie has here - a soft blanky, sunshine warming the seat, the bolstery arms surrounding him like a big ol' hug. But it isn't all about the accoutrements. Lieblingsplätzchen is more about where your head is at then where you lie your head.

Photo credit: gillyberlin on Flickr

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GillyBerlin said...

A very lovely Text. Barnie is very pleased with it :))

Best regards from Berlin / Germany