Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Zoom Zoom

So my Boy is becoming such a real little boy. He loves cars and trucks. He loves balls. He dives head first off the sofa and laughs hysterically about it. Two of his favorite toys right now are a red double-decker bus and taxi that are Matchbox-car-sized. Every car, truck, bus, motorcycle - even bicycle - that we see on the road gets a comment from the Boy. Airplanes and helicopters. Riding lawn mowers. Everything that goes. It is fun and exciting to see him developing an interest in something in such a consistent fashion. I am already contemplating a "big boy" room decorated with some kind of "things that go" theme. There are some great linens out there. Without ever really "researching" the subject I know that I love the clean graphics of the Dwell transportation set and love love love the old-school Marimekko Bo Boo that my little brother had in his room. But I guess it pays to wait and see. Who knows - by the time the Boy is ready to move to his new room he could be into the solar system or Shakespeare.
Photo credit: Martin Pettitt on Flickr

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