Monday, August 17, 2009

Remnant Memory

This brings back memories. The crunchy piece of carpet my dad and I carried up to my dorm on the first day of my freshman year of college which is longer ago than I care to admit right now! The smell, the creases, the weird plasticy threads that stuck out from under the binding. It was a peachy pink. Not a favorite color of mine, just less ugly than the other choices if my memory serves. I had great linens and art (I think, anyway!) for a freshman dorm room - bright colored fish duvet cover with bright sheets, Matisse's The Goldfish (so sophisticated right?). Thankfully I loved my room (it was a single) because I didn't make a ton of friends the first semester and ended up spending a TON of time in there studying. Later, once I got myself hooked into a group of people I enjoyed hanging out with, I still loved my room as a refuge. It was too small to have people over so it was really my little space. Other than camp, where bunk beds, open cubbies and zero privacy abound, this was my first time having my own place. If I had to do it all over again I wouldn't change a thing - except maybe I would have chosen a darker color carpet - in blue??
Photo credit: hectorir on Flickr

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