Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Want To Go To There* (Day Sixty, Paragraph 56)

Doesn't that look heavenly? Instead of heavenly, I was going to say sublime but that seemed too corny once I really looked at the name of the photographer for this shot. That got me thinking about the word sublime. It doesn't take much to get my train of thought derailed. So I'm looking up the meaning of sublime. And I'm researching the origins of sublime. But it doesn't really matter what sublime means, or even where it came from, does it? The point is that this was supposed to be a post about how much I am jonesing for tranquil turquoise waters and white sand but my brain just won't focus on that for long enough for me to write something decent and engaging about that. And I think I have recently bemoaned my failure to vacation so I should really hold off on whining about that for a least a month or two. So anyway, I guess what I'm getting at here is that my brain does not process information in a straight line. I generally end up putting on a fairly polished and organized front when in reality I am down a rabbit hole somewhere thinking about whether or not a word means under a citrus fruit.
*Thank you, Liz Lemon, for the title of this post.**
** Thank you, Jenelle, for the asterisk idea.
Photo credit: sub_lime79 on Flickr

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