Tuesday, March 10, 2009

(Day Fiftyeight, Paragraph 52)

Am I an art critic? No. Am I an expert in photography? No. Can I take a decent picture? No. Do I know what I like when I see it? Yes. This photo here to the right is pretty interesting once you stop caring what it may or may not depict. The yellow lights reflecting off the water perfectly mirror the boat*, pole*, and white light in the bottom left corner of the shot. So even though the subject matter is not immediately apparent, there is a symmetry about the photo that is visually pleasing. The lights reflecting off the water create a warm, golden palette. Imagine the image in a large gilt frame at the end of a hallway - it would seem like you could keep walking right into the picture until you reached the water's edge. Lovely.

*If you are curious about what is depicted in this photo, maybe a little detective work in the related set of pictures will help reveal what it is. I'm thinking a bamboo oar on a row boat in India. What do you think it is?

Photo credit: Dainis Matisons on Flickr

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