Friday, March 13, 2009

First Impressions (Day Sixtyone, Paragraph 67)

When I saw this photo, I thought, "That looks like a CLE*." The expressions on everyone's faces are all looks I've seen on faces at CLEs before(from left to right starting with the guy in the plaid shirt):

PLAID SHIRT GUY: I knew I should have brought the New York Times Saturday puzzle instead of the TV Guide puzzle . . . what am I going to do for the next three hours?

BLONDE WOMAN (just behind the guy in the tie): If I put my hand on my chin - like this - and squint my eyes just so and open my mouth as if I am just about to breathlessly say, "Wow, your Honor, that is the most fascinating thing I've ever heard" maybe my Motion for Summary Judgment will be granted on the papers and I won't have to do oral argument next Tuesday morning . . . ."

TIE GUY: I'm going to chuckle at all the appropriate places in this presentation. Everyone needs to be reminded of how clever I am.

ARGYLE-GLASSES GUY: Is my facial hair holding me back professionally?

BLONDE GIRL: This dude is totally trying to see down my shirt. Ewwww. Does my hair look okay?

BEARD GUY: Is that the chick from first year contracts over there? Is it? Dude, I have to poop. God she looks awful.

MR. BIG COLLAR: Oh yeah. You want me girl. You know you do. Stop being coy. I see that look in your eyes. Don't deny it. Everyone can see it.

MS. BANGS: Ugh. I'd rather be at the office. Wow. Too much cleavage, today I guess. Oh well. No one is looking at me anyway.


BLUE SHIRT: Hey! Someone's taking a picture! Why is someone taking a picture at a CLE? Who even brings a camera to a CLE? Where is that waitress with more coffee? Wait, is this my good side?

TAN SUIT: I have to pee but the door is so far away everyone is going to watch me go pee why did I sit so far from the door I have to pee but th edoor is so far away . . .

BLONDE SLEEPER: Must stay awake. Must stay awake. Must stay awake.

And yes, this really is a CLE class. Sometimes the first impression is right on.

*CLE is Continuing Legal Education; most states require that lawyers take a minimum number of credit hours every year or two years to assist in staying current with new developments in the law.

Photo credit: Jesse Michael Nix on Flickr

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