Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I have stayed up late the past two nights. Like silly late - 2AM and 12:30AM. As detestable as the impact this has on me the next morning (can you say, "zombie" boys and girls?), the deliciousness of being alone to knit and have complete control of the remote is too sweet to pass up.

When I was single I would stay up really late for no reason. I lived by myself so I wasn't avoiding roommates. I think I enjoy being up late for the same reasons I love playing hooky. The day off you have when you ditch out school or work is so much more decadent and luscious than your regular weekend. Being up after midnight on a weeknight is the same - so illicit even if you are just curled up in old sweats watching an Entourage rerun.

Perhaps a night off from nights up tonight. I need to recharge my battery a bit. I'm making good progress on my knitting though . . . . I guess we will see.

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kitschystitch said...

Yay for quiet knitting time! I have been feeling the same thing lately, and since my little man has been staying up till midnight, or even 1am, I've been up super late just trying to feel calm in my own space. It's worth being worn out for a day or so to have that peaceful moment!

My mom took my little man to the park today, and I *think* they may have seen your guy there too! It made me think of you, so here I am! I hope you're doing well and feeling alright.

(cool blog btw!)