Thursday, June 25, 2009

Out of the Clear Blue Sky

The sky looks like this today. Clear. Virtually cloudless. You can see that it is warm but not too humid. Perfect. You want to lie on the beach on a day like this with the breeze blowing off the ocean, tickling your skin and curling up the edges of your towel. It reminds you of being a kid on vacation. There would be a cooler filled with sandwiches - the bread getting soggy because you packed them so early this morning. There would be peaches and plums in that cooler too and their juice would run down your chin with every bite you took. And when you went to lick the juice off your chin you would taste the salt that the air has lifted from the ocean and deposited on you. You would take long walks looking for shells, the cool waves lapping at your feet as you sink into the wet sand with every step. A nap would be in order after that followed by a cold can of soda wrapped in tin foil. Pack everything up and head back to the house after you build a big sand castle and rinse everything off in the water. Wait your turn for a shower - but you don't mind because it feels lovely to sit on the porch and read a few chapters of your book. You know you are going to sleep well tonight.
Photo credit: RichardBarley on Flickr

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