Tuesday, April 3, 2012

In A Butterfly's Garden With You

Bonnet contest at school. Bonnets and girls are easy. Flowers? Butterflies? Fairies?

The Girl picked butterflies. Off to the dollar store!

1 craft foam cowgirl hat
2 shower scrubbies (green)
2 4-packs of glittery foam butterflies on sticks
1 10-pack of glittery foam flowers
1 6-pack of cello butterflies (in my craft bin)
Needle & thread
Hot glue gun/hot glue
Garden clippers (or something comparable to clip the bamboo skewers)

First I released the mesh from the two scrubbies. The mesh was attached to the handle with zip-ties which were easily clipped with scissors. This left me with two long tubes of mesh.

I draped the mesh around the ultra-pink cowgirl hat and decided to use a running stitch to attach the mesh to the brim of the hat. Hot glue would work well too. Use low temp with the craft foam!

Now I had a big fluffy net around a hat. I started sticking the skewered butterflies and flowers into the mesh. The skewers were too long so I had to trim them - I found that garden clippers made short work of the task.

So the sparkly flowers and butterflies are in the "grass" looking like Peeps to me! Now the hard part - hot gluing the bits in place. This is "hard" because you need to be quick enough to get the bit in the mesh before the glue dries! If you are brave and don't need a preview you can glue right after you trim the skewers.

I found these more realistic looking butterflies in my craft bin and decided to stick them on too. They started out on skewers but the glue attaching them had dried out so I pulled each off before artfully placing them in the mesh grass.

And . . . Hat!

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