Thursday, March 17, 2011


Being totally oblivious to the contents of the Girl's wardrobe, I panicked and thought she had no green to wear for Saint Patrick's Day.  So being a supremely lazy overachiever (that should be one of the types on the Myers-Briggs test, don't you think?), I decided to finally get around to making the lovely felt barrettes I saw on the purlbee and adapt them for St. Patty's day.

Here is where the lazy comes in: 

I did not trace and cut clovers from gorgeous wool felt - I bought a bag of 300 craft foam shamrocks on sale at the craft store for $1.79.  

I did not lovingly hand stitch the pieces together with silk embroidery threads and an ivory needle - I used white glue.  I didn't even use a sharp scissors to cut the slit in the bottom piece of the decorative appliqué - I just jammed the end of the hair clip through the craft foam.

And then I took really badly lit photos with my phone using a plastic bag as a backdrop to reinforce the low-rent, down-market techniques used in this project.

So I opened the girls drawer today and pulled out her blue and GREEN striped shirt.  And then I stuck the small hair clip on her two strands of hair and called it St. Patrick's Day! Oiy (said like I am a fan of the Drop Kick Murphys not like I learned how to say it in Yiddish from my grandma - hey, everyone is "Irish" today so don't judge me)!

 Oh - and Rancor says, "Happy Spring!" courtesy of the Boy for pulling the ONLY living flower out of the bed in our front yard!). Sláinte!

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