Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Want To Wear A Starbucks Gift Bag

I saw this gift bag at Starbucks before the holidays and I fell in love it the buttons.  My photo there isn't very good quality so you will have to take my word on it - the buttons are pretty cool.

As the winter progressed, I was working on a sweet little short-sleeved, swingy cardigan for the Girl.  It is yellow with red buttons (see crap photo below):

I started thinking it would be sweet to make it in red with yellow button for me (even though I will have to do some math since this pattern is for kids only and, if you have read any of my posts about the Urban Aran, you know that isn't my strong suit . . . ).  Then, I couldn't stop thinking about the buttons from the Starbucks gift bags.  But no way was I going to spend that much on buttons.  From a gift bag.

Flash forward to after the holidays, sale area of Starbucks.  Giant stack of gift bags - 50% off.  I buy three.  Now I have my buttons.  I have the yarn too.  But now I want to incorporate the green from the gift bag into the design somehow.  I even have yarn that is the right color . . . this is getting crazy.  I want a sweater that looks like a holiday gift bag from a coffee shop.

I should be casting on this weekend - for real (not like the Urban Aran pipe dream/mistake).  So we shall see how it works out!

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