Friday, August 27, 2010

Its Fun To Go To the Craft Store. Its Fun To Go To the Craft Store.

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My plan was to post about knitting I am working on and failing to work on and knitting mojo and blah, blah, blah.  But on Sunday, the family is going to see Yo Gabba Gabba Live! and I just got back from the craft store.  Oh, baby!

My first thought was to make t-shirts for the kids.  Felt cut-outs glued on cheapy craft store t-shirts.  No - felt  is too thick/ bulky, can't be washed, glue might not hold . . . so fabric paint on cheapy shirts.  And maybe I can try out freezer paper stencils (which always look awesome on other peoples' blogs).

When I rolled up to the sale bins in front of the store, the whole thing started to go off the rails.  Bucket hats - $0.79.  There was a little green one.  And a yellow one.  So crazy-train in my brain takes me to the place where the Man and I have on Brobee and Plex bucket hats.  OK - shirts for the kids, hats for the Man and me.

Inside, I start picking out a shirt for the Boy - they don't have toddler sizes so even the smallest youth shirt will be too big.  They only have onesies for the Girl and she ALWAYS has a blow out if she's wearing a onesie and I am NOT having that at an all day event when she is supposed to be in the carrier - that I am wearing. But I pick up shirts and paints and brushes anyway and move on.

Some felt to make the red points for the Brobee hat?  Hmm . . . felt is kind of droopy.  What about craft foam instead?  And now is where it gets really fun (at least for me).  On my way to the foam aisle, I see a red baseball hat.  MUNO.  The Man is much more likely to be caught alive in a red baseball hat with an eyeball painted on it than sporting a Brobee bucket.

And then!  In the craft foam section, I find a pink visor that is exactly the color of - guess who - Foofa.  And a white one that can be inverted right on top of the pink one to make flower petals.  And a yellow one to fit inside the yellow bucket hat so it will fit the Boy and he can be Plex (his favorite).  And red foam for Brobee's pointy things.  And black and white foam for the Foofa eyes.

A final stop in the pipe cleaner - or, excuse me, chenille covered wire - section for black for Brobee's unibrow and silver stuff for Plex (but I am second guessing that choice now and thinking I should use black?).

I put away the t-shirts and all the craft paint except for the white and black - which I will use for eyes as well as a rectangle on the Plex hat.  And the extra bonus part is that fir less than $15 all four of us will look ridiculous on Sunday!

The photo above are my "sketches" - Plex looks like he is missing something - probably the side antennae would do the trick - maybe if the brim is folded up?  And does Brobee need a mouth or is it cool like that?  I think the Muno and Foofa are going to be my favorites - but we will see!

And I know - Toodee is left out.  I feel badly - and the Girl is probably a little more like Toodee than Foofa but that pink visor is spot-on.  Maybe next time . . .

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