Friday, July 9, 2010

Doubt (or Perils of Urban Planning, Part III)

So this whole reworking the pattern thing is very hard on the sleep-deprived brain.  It is especially difficult when one is lying awake at night trying to sleep but somehow being compelled by evil forces to do long division with knits and purls and cable needles flashing before one's eyes like a bad '80's movie montage (presuming a movie was every made about knitting - imagine it - the crisis scene where the lady heroes of the film must redesign a sweater to avert a major disaster at the county fair which ends with them dancing around their kitchen while drinking wine).

Anywho . . .

After (stalkerishly) perusing all the ravelry photos for the Urban Aran - under both the original and modified (cardiganized) titles - I am rethinking my choice.  I am feeling that, despite modifications and what I imagine  to be some extremely aggressive blocking, this is a garment for a woman.  The element that I find most compelling - the diagonal cable panel - will forever pull in waist and make this a feminine sweater.  And I say this with all due respect to all the knitters who have made the sweater for men and the men who wear it.  This is just my opinion.

Despite feeling a bit like I've had the wind knocked out of me on this one, I have not given up on an Aran zipper cardigan for the Boy.  There are a few other patterns I am looking at - all of which would require some modifications to create the sweater I want to make.  So we're not done here yet.

We will build this city (maybe on rock 'n' roll?).

Also, I am having anxiety about having enough yarn to do the swatching I need to do to make this work and to make the sweater.  I have 1,000 yards.  But still . . .

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Photo credit: stolte-sawa on flickr

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