Friday, July 24, 2009

So Where Was This A Few Hours Ago?

The perfect innocuous photo. Nondescript grass. Could be a beach or a dessert. The photo stream owner has the perfect name for what I am writing about lately: Banalities. The photo title "Formentera" did peak my interest though so a-googling I a-went.
This place is GORGEOUS! This dour photo over here on the right doesn't even begin . . . .
One of the websites I found says Formentera is, "one of the last outposts of paradise in the Mediterranean." According to Wikipedia, Formentera "It is known for its many pristine beaches and the fact that nude sunbathing is allowed on most of its beaches. Also, Formentera hosted the 2007 Techno 293 OD World Championships in windsurfing for juniors under 15 and youths under 17.
Fascinating. It sounds wonderful. Once again, I drool at vacations lost!
Photo credit: Banalities on Flickr

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